Luxury Tiger Safari - Unique Boutique Accommodation at Kanha
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Luxury Tiger Safaris

Classic Journeys – Courtyard House Kanha

Truly exclusive!

The Courtyard House is a boutique accommodation that is situated in Kanha National Park in MP. The luxurious resort offers a silent space and tranquil ambiance to travelers on tiger safari at Kanha.

The non traditional accommodation excels any hotel or resort as a home stay. Earlier they owned a large eco resort at Kanha which they sold off.

The fine epicurean offerings transcends boundaries whence the chefs dish out a mix of marvelous local and International flavors.

Rumble in the Jungle!

The silence speaks for itself more so when the terrifying roar of the tiger shatters the ambiance at Courtyard House.

The courtyard is the key feature of the accommodation – it is meant to deliver recreation and relaxation. The open sky lightens the whole space and offers fine dining experience under the starry Kanha night.

The Courtyard House speaks of luxury added with superlative features that makes your senses come alive in the remote wilderness.

The spacious dwelling offers stunning view of fantastic Kanha landscape. Enmeshed in luxury your safari is extended to the cozy comfort of your large room. It is luxury all around in a hush hush ambiance that makes your journey to the tiger land an unforgettable experience.

Come to the abode of avian wonders, butterflies, bees and the wild animals. The wilderness is inviting with arms spread wide.

Come to Courtyard House which offers more than tiger safaris!

Luxury Tiger Safari

The Tour: The Luxury Tiger Safari is aimed at sighting tigers and other wild animals of Kanha. The tour is conducted in extreme luxury of course in company of guide Uday Patel.  He is a nature and bird guide active in the forests of Central India since child hood.
Uday has great love for nature and this has led to his keen understanding of wild denizens of Central India. He has been trekking tigers since years and has come to; understand their secret life and ways.   Uday has also worked at Bandhavgarh National Park, Pench forests, Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary and confines of Jabalpur.  He works as tour leader in the Northern Circuit especially at Bharatpur, Corbett, Nainital and Chambal River Sanctuary.     
Uday is not only a naturalist he is also a friendly face of warm communications and apt mannerism. Working as guide and tour leader has sharpened his skills as a hospitality guy. Guests enjoy his company as a good friend and guide in the wilderness of India. 

The Tour Itinerary

Day 1:

New Delhi Arrival: This is your first instance of a glance as India’ profile. If time permits we stroll around the city and then stay overnight in a luxury hotel.

Day 2:

In the morning we board a flight to Jabalpur City. The flight is short and in little more than an hour we alight at picturesque Jabalpur Airport. From here we taxi straight to Kanha.  We traverse through verdant greenery of forests of Mandla. After driving around 156 km we reach the Courtyard House at Kanha. The luxurious home stay is situated in Patpara Village in Kanha Buffer few km from the Khatia main gate.
We check in to the gorgeous rooms and then freshen up. A delicious lunch follows before a short nap. In the evening a quick tea warms us before the evening tiger safari. This is our first venture into the biodiversity rich land of Kanha Tiger Reserve. We begin looking for signs of the big cat and other animals. Birds follow us every where some are startlingly colorful. 
Life at Courtyard House is a cheese. Lot of merry making in the evening during the tribal dance is the event of the day. After a wonderful park drive the fun continues at this scenic homestead. A restful night sleep follows in preparation for next day safari.  

Day 3-7: 

Kanha NP. Morning & Evening Tiger Safaris: Five days of jungle adventure is an exciting prospect in Kanha. Kanha enthralls with its amazing offerings the tiger sighting excites and thrill to no end. We will explore all the four zones i.e.  Kanha, Kisli, Mukki and Sarhi. We will look for the tigers and also for other life forms. Birds are our constant companions and we will make an impressive checklist during the tiger safaris.
The Kanha topography comprises of large and small grasslands, dense Sal forests, mixed forests zones and bamboo on mountain slopes. Small rivulets and water holes dot the whole ecosystem and act as a lifeline. The deep valleys and inaccessible table top mountains are excellent breeding grounds for tigers. We will scour all the nooks and corners of the mysterious jungles of Kanha to have a holistic experience.
On tiger safaris we will sight Bengal tigers, panthers, sloth bear, wild dog, gaur, sambar deer, hard ground swamp deer, chital, four horned deer barking deer and the Nilgai. Langur or Hanuman monkey, spotted deer, peacock and wild boar are commonly seen in this park.     
We will come across many birds during the tiger safari. We will also go bird watching at the Courtyard House and the nearby forests. Some of the targeted birds are the Indian Pitta, Red Adavat, Gray and Malabar Pied Hornbill, White Rumped Shama, Gray and Painted Francolin, Verditor Flycatcher, Paradise Flycatcher, Brown Cheeked Fulvetta, Black Naped Monarch, Spangled Drongo, Racket Tailed Drongo, White Bellied Drongo, Orange Headed Thrush, Red Jungle Fowl, Barred Button Quail, Red and Painted Spurfowl, Crested Serpent Eagle, Changeable Eagle, Mottled Wood Owl, Brown Fish Owl, Barred Jungle Owlet, Indian Scops Owl, Blossom Headed Parakeet,   and many more.

The Tiger
On the tiger safaris we will come to know the big cat much better. How to track the tiger using number of signs that follow the carnivore? This is the most exciting part and in the process some exciting photo shoots will come our way. Kanha National Park in Maikal Hills of Satpura Range of Central India is the most exciting eco tourism destination and our naturalist guide Uday will see that an enhanced experience is delivered to you. 

At Courtyard House - More Than Tiger Safaris.
The Courtyard House at Kanha is a hub of activities. Some of the preferred ones are: Strolling amidst green fields, Bird Watching, Tribal Performances, Nature Films, Lecture on tigers, Sizzling Barbecue, Nature Walk besides the brook, Breakfast on Lake, Candle Lit Dinners, Bush Dinner, Sit Outs in the jungle and Siesta under the Mahua Tree at Courtyard House in the wilds of Kanha. 

Day 8: 

After a wonderful holiday and rendezvous with the majestic tiger we depart for Jabalpur . We board the flight for New Delhi.  Overnight Delhi

Day 09: 

Transfer to International Airport for journey back home. Adios!