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Asiatic Lions - Gir India

Indian Lion Safari 10 Days

(Gir National Park in Junagadh District of Gujarat is a biodiversity with one remarkable feature. This is the only home of Asiatic lion in India and the Word. Four hundred plus lions survive in Gir.)


Day 1 You Depart London by Air India For a direct flight to Ahmedabad in the state of Gujrat India.
Day 2 Reach 10 A.M. Ahmedabad International Airport. The tour operator escort will meet you. Have breakfast at the river-facing Cama Park Plaza and watch interesting birds in the hotel's garden and wetland birds along the Sabarmati River. After breakfast we will move onwards for our first wildlife destination Bhavnagar. The Journey is approx. 200 K. M. & will take about 4 hrs. We reach Bhavnagar at about 5 P.M. Check in at The Nilambag Palace Hotel a Heritage property.
Day 3 Take safari at Velavadar National Park in the moring and evening time. The best place to see blackbuck antelope is this Bhal region of Saurashtra - an ecosystem that attracts the blackbuck because of extensive grasslands. Indian wolf and the lesser florican are major attraction since they are very les seen.
Day 4 Early Morning breakfast the explore Gir National Park in the state of Gujarat. It is about 200 K.M from city of Bhavnagar. After Lunch proceed to Gir National Park & Check in. Enjoy trekking the lions in India.
Day 5 Morning Evening Safari. The Indian lion is also called the Asiatic lion Panthera Leo persica, the sub-species raomed from Europe to Central India or Madhya Pradesh. The Indian government estabilished the Gir National Park and Sanctuary - known as the Gir Protected Area (PA), covering over 1000 km². The area is made up of dry scrubland with hills, rivers, and teak forest. In addition the Gir PA has leopards, antelope, deer, jackals, hyenas, and marsh crocodiles. More than three hundred big cats reside here in Gujarat.
Day 6 Morning Evening Lion Safaris.
Day 7 We drive to Zainabad which is 280 K.M from Gir. We go for safari at the n Wild Ass Sanctuary in the Little Rann of Kutch in NW of Gujarat. A safari in the Wild Ass Sanctuary is exciting discovery. A wildlife safari in this ecosystem offers much more than sight of lions. The sanctuary is habitat of many wild animals and more than 300 avian species. This is a goold place to see lesser flamingo, common crane and pelican.
Day 8 Morning Evening Safaris.
Day 9 Morning Evening Safaris.
Day 10 After early break fast we leave for Ahmedabad international Airport to catch our onward flight to London. (Zainabad – Ahmedabad is 100 K.M. 2 Hrs Drive).