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Indian Tiger Tours

Tiger Safari - 11 days

Delhi-Pench National Park-Kanha National Park-Bandhavgarh National Park-Delhi.

Day 1 Upon your arrival at New Delhi. Airport we receive you and take you to your five star accommodation. If time permits we go sight seeing else food and sleep will prepare us for the next day.
Day 2 We have full day sightseeing today and we make the most of it. We visit monuments like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Swami Narayan Temple. The historical city has much to offer- ancient and contemporary. When you visit New Delhi it sets your whole trip into motion an expectancy that makes you yearn for the best in India. The food is as diverse as the country and the capital city is best place to get introduced to hot Indian curry.

We have to catch and early morning flight hence we dine at the hotel's restaurant. We feast on one of the finest preparations and then knock off to sleep.

Day 3

Flight from Delhi to Nagpur takes little more than an hour. From the airport we drive straight to Pench National Park. This is a two hour ride and we reach the resort before lunch. Our safaris begin today we depart for Turia Gate for evening safari. The Pench ecosystem differs from other Central Indian Parks. The forests are drier and mixed deciduous type that supports a large mammal population.

Making a checklist of all that we saw today is a right way to initiate discussion on animals and birds of Pench. This we will do after all safaris during the dinner time. Our naturalist guide is a store house of information and you will like discussing Pench wildlife with him.

Day 4 Pench never disappoints. On open jeep safaris you will be able to see the tiger, leopard, wild dog and sloth bear with some luck.Our naturalist guide is expert trekker and he will increase your wildlife and bird sightings.

More than two hundreds birds are present in the wildlife refuge, hence a good pair of binoculars will be very useful. Evening time we can be entertained by tribal performers by the fireside along with drinks and dinner.
Day 5 We drive into the Pench Forests and try to trace what we have not seen. An elephant ride takes place during the tiger show. This experience is wonderful the elephant is trained for this and you ride will be thrilling.

After the early morning game ride we drive down to reach Kanha National Park. We set foot in Kanha Hotel Accommodations outside the park. Krishna Jungle Resort has an enchanting ambiance and we will have lunch in one of their open restaurants.

After a short rest we will leave for Khatia Gate for evening excursions at Kanha. The tiger safaris at Kanha takes place in an open jeep. The tiger country does not permit entry on foot. The big cats roam every corner of the park and their could be risk involved on foot. Nevertheless jeep safaris are as exciting, the best way to cover large area and trace tigers. This we do the whole evening till we locate the magical beast.
Day 6 We have had good tiger sightings by now but there is no end. Big Cats appear in every shape and size. Tigers in throes of survival activities, the instances are worth capturing in your cameras and handy cams.

Kanha has delightful landscape that comprises of extensive grasslands, table top mountains nurtured by meandering streams in deep valleys and ravines. The cacophony of Hornbill calls is as exciting as that of a tiger's roar. Luck and expert trekking by our naturalist enhances your experience of the wilds of Kanha.
Day 7 The ever changing landscape of this popular reserve is as striking as the stripes of the tiger are. On jeep safaris you realize that this ecosystem has much more to offer besides the big cats. Each and every moment at Kanha is thrilling and filled with expectancy. The element of surprise can bring forth the most exciting happening in the forest just to you.
Day 8 Drive to Hotel at Bandhavgarh National park early morning after having breakfast (240 km 4/5 hrs) and check in. On the way we stop at Ghaghua National Park that houses plant fossil dating back to a prehistoric era. Hence we arrive just in time for lunch. The repast is followed by a short nap before we leave for the Maghdi Gate.

Magdi Gate is newly opened territory that is home to Bandhavgarh tigers and other animals. We search through the dense pockets of the terrain. The setting Sun delights with magical hues of colors as light falls on rocky terrains, tranquil streams and green cover. This is a perfect setting for a tiger photograph and we will not go back disappointed.

Day 9

After an exciting evening safari we leave at predawn for the Tala Gate. This is supposed to be the premium zone and is reserved for morning times. The route encompasses territory of many tigers and tigress with cubs.

You camera should always be handy for any moment you can come across a tiger, animals or enchanting birds. This is Bandhavgarh a bundle of startling surprises with a possibility of a never ever seen happening.

Day 10

Bandhavgarh encompasses history ancient and forgotten. The past now beckons tourist to its tell tale monuments that lie scattered all along the way. The jeep ride take you to many man made caves and stables. A ride up the Bandhavgarh Hillock goes through Sesh Shaiyya where Lord Vishnu reclines on rocky bed besides an enchanting pool. The fort lies in ruins but the large reservoirs, idols and temples make the Fort Safari indispensable.

We score for more tigers and other surprises on our last ride at Bandhavgarh. The tiger tour has been captured in the camera, image that will enthrall your for ever. More tiger safaris are due and we will welcome you back. Namaste!

Day 11 We are at New Delhi the day of departure. We work hard to make the exotic experience of India truly remarkable.