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Tigers N Tigers Tour India

The Magnificent Striped Stalker & Enchanting Wildlife!

The luxury tour is designed by us for amateurs, wildlife photographers, and holiday makers interested in Bengal tigers. Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh reserves, and national parks are amazing habitats that harbor tigers and exotic wildlife. In these reserves bird life is enchanting, and those with interest in micro life, sky is the limit. Reptiles are elusive but much sought after.

Stay at the finest luxury lodges in Central - Taj at Pench & Bandhavgarh & Courtyard House at Kanha.

Kipling Country


Pench near Nagpur is a mix dry deciduous forest with teeming wildlife. The tiger is most sought after but there is abundance of deer, bison, leopard, sloth bear, and wild dogs. Nilgai antelope is more visible here and in the buffer resides the Indian wolf. The low rising forest hills with bamboo on slopes, snaking Pench River, numerous water bodies and grasslands are ideal for wildlife sightings. The Kipling country boasts of the best jungle life and offers bird sightings as never before, thanks to the reservoir Totlah Doh.


On heart thumping tiger safaris you witness wildlife at its thrilling most - day in and day out. Kanha National Park is a landscape set in the Satpura Hills with table top mountains and dense Sal forests. The moist dry deciduous forests contain vast stretches of grasslands, bamboo and mixed forests in panoramic settings amidst the perennial rivers – Sulkum, Banjar and Halon. The tributaries abound along with innumerable water bodies that together support life.

I rate this park as one of the finest habitat for tigers. The wide expanse of ecosystems here accord beauty and grace, they turn the settings serene and captivating. The experience is simply action-packed and the safaris thrilling.

Kanha is the best place to see the big cat in its natural surroundings, not forgetting the sight of swamp deer, sloth bear, and leopard scampering along. The wild dog is as elusive as it is mysterious, and one sight of the canine pack will send you into ruptures of extreme delight. There is more to search for enchanting wildlife, come and witness.

Amidst Ancient Ruins

A lifetime is not enough to experience India, and its wild heavens. The mesmerizing charm of Bandhavgarh comes as a jolt to those unfamiliar with diversity of this country. Set in the Vindhya Hills the clutter of table top mountains, deep glens and marshy rivers create a landscape mysterious and delightful. The destination becomes more enigmatic whence you come across the ancient ruins scattered all along the park. Almost two thousand years of human civilizations have nurtured not only history but the ecosystems as well. The big cat is picturesque beyond belief,and a tiger safari here is no less ordinary.

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